Membership Benefits


Affinity Car leasing

​Car leasing for members only with great deals on Brand New cars.  No ties to Advance Union  unlike the Santander Group "All Staff" scheme or limitations based on your personal earnings.




  ​Advance Members Draw

'Have a chance to join the members draw each month and win up to £3000. Advance Members can chose to enter the draw and have between one and ten entries in the draw each month when they join.  They can increased, decreased or ended at any point.  Each entry is £1 and payments are taken with members subscriptions by direct debit each month.  Members can change thier entries by contacting the helpline on 01442 891122.





Advance Travel Club


No other Travel Agency/Tour Operator or Internet Site is as committed as we are in trying to save you money. We beat 99% of all internet prices, being a memeber of Advance automatically makes you holiday savings when booking with us its a no brainer! Our professional and well travelled staff spend just as much time creating holidays, putting together our own Itineraries and Tours, matching budgets with dates and wish lists and trying our best to make your Holiday Dreams come true, whatever they may be! We have recently been crowned one of the nations top Jet2Holiday sellers with fabulous discounts on their resorts and tours!

We can put together absolutely anything travel related, from weekend UK breaks to worldwide tours, packages to tailor-made and everything in between including every kind of holiday extra imaginable whether it be parking, insurance or activities to do on holiday!
Does the Taxman owe you some money?
Over 35% of taxpayers on PAYE have paid too much tax after The Revenue gave them the wrong tax codes in the last 4 years. The problem is they don’t realise. They just assume their employer’s taken the right amount.
Don’t assume that The Revenue will automatically send you a tax refund if you’ve paid too much. Despite what you may read in the press, it’s very unlikely.
As an ADVANCE member, we’re giving you the opportunity to have the UK’s leading tax refund specialists carry out a FREE review of your last 4 years tax codes to see if the taxman owes you a refund!  
In the last 18 years, a crack team of PAYE tax experts at The Tax Refund Company have managed to get back over £103million. The average refund for ADVANCE members who’ve used this team is £170.68 each!
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