Supporting You


Call us for Free Independent Confidential Advice - 01442 891122 - Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm


If you need help, advice or information on any matter related to your employment, Advance is here to support our members. We have a Member-only confidential helpline team who are trained to help members in a range of situations at work. They can help you to interpret policy and provide practical solutions to help resolve most issues.

They are supported by a team of highly trained Consultants who provide more detailed guidance in more complex cases, where face-to-face representation is needed, such as a disciplinary hearing, or grievance. 

We also are the only trade union where the General Secretary, Linda Rolph, runs a weekly evening confidential surgery, each Thursday from 8 pm to 10 pm.  If you wish to discuss any matter with Linda, from general feedback to any specific work concerns, Linda is available to take calls on 07850742340.  All calls are confidential.

We also have a network of Area Representatives, who represent you at local meetings.

Advance Consultants work for you and provide a dedicated resource for helping individual members. The Consultants are trained to represent members at hearings, such as disciplinary, performance, or Attendance meetings. They also support and represent members in resolving workplace issues. You can speak to a Consultant in total confidence; they will listen to your concerns and provide advice on how to deal with your situation. No contact will be made with anyone at Santander to discuss your issues without your consent.

 If you have a hearing, your Consultant will support you throughout the process. They will ensure that your hearing is conducted in accordance with jointly agreed procedures and to ensure your case fully presented. 

Our Consultants have full rights of representation at hearings and can speak on your behalf to address the hearing. They fully discuss what you can expect before a hearing and help assess the implications of any decisions. If necessary they will help you submit an appeal

Should you find yourself in need of assistance, please contact the confidential helpline in the first instance on 01442 891122 who will refer you to one of Linda's senior team.





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