Advance Union was formed in 1977 as the Abbey National Staff Association (ANSA).  The Staff Association was created by employees of Abbey National who wanted to have an independent employee voice to represent them collectively in their dealings with management.   In the following year, it received a Certificate of Independence.

During the next decade, the decision was taken to change from being a Staff Association to an independent Trades Union.  To do this, we had to conform to the rules set by the Certification Officer which included being financially independent of the business.  At this time, we changed our name to “Abbey National Group

 Union” (ANGU).

In 1997, a new leadership team was established, led by Linda, Rolph, which began to modernise the Union.  We are proud to note that when we affiliated with the Trades Union Congress in January 1998, we were the first finance Trades Union to do so. 

Abbey National Group was eventually purchased by Santander who went on to purchase the Alliance & Leicester and the Retail Branch Network and Savings business of Bradford & Bingley.

it was at this time that ANGU merged with the "Union for Bradford and Bingley Staff and Associated Companies (UBAC)".  By now, Santander rebranded the Abbey National businesses as Santander UK and ANGU rebranded itself as “Advance Union”, a name chosen to reflect our ethos and the change of identity of the business that we represented.  

To date, Advance Union is the biggest Trades Union to represents people in Santander UK.  We provide a comprehensive range of services for our members, ranging from negotiation on Pay and Terms & Conditions of employment to personal representation for individuals at many meetings.  Irrespective of our name, through the years Advance’s first priority has always been addressing the needs of our members.

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