What we do

''When you join Advance, you are joining more than just a union - you are joining an extended family with around 7,000 other members!'' 

We have many workplace representatives who complement our professional officers across the country who are there to listen when things are not going so well. Reps are the beating heart of the union and can be the first port of call for our members offering a friendly and sympathetic ear. 

Our helpline team provide confidential advice, information, help, and guidance and are complimented with professional officers and caseworkers who provide formal representation and help if needed. 

Advance is a forward thinking, modern trade union that believes there is a right way to achieve results - and that it is through constructive relationships with employers and other unions. By keeping the lines of communication open, even when we disagree, which can be often, we believe there is often common ground and with commitment these challenges can be usually overcome. 

With so many members, Advance are seen by the bank has a key strategic partner. But we believe we can do better to influence employers and that is one of the reasons why it is important to join and strengthen your voice at work. The more members we have, the stronger we are when negotiating about the things that really matter to you. 

Our members trust us with two main responsibilities: 

Collective representation of members' views in negotiations with their employer. The most obvious of these negotiations occurs usually annually. Yes, we are talking about the annual pay & reward review. 

Individual representation of members with workplace issues and formal procedures such as at grievance, wellbeing & attendance, performance, or disciplinary meetings. 

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