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What does Advance Union do?

Advance Union are recognised as the bargaining group for all Santander UK employees (grades S1 – S5), in all sites except for former Alliance & Leicester Head office locations and a small number of former A&L branches in Northern Ireland and the East Midlands.  We are also recognised in different subsidiaries of Santander UK, such as Santander Operations & Consumer Finance.   Anyone can join Advance if they work for Santander or one of their subsidiaries.


Advance Union are an independent Union that is affiliated with the TUC.  We represent people in Santander UK, Santander UK Global Businesses, Santander Operations and those working at offices in the Isle of Man and Jersey.  We have a partnership agreement with the Bank which ensures that the Union is regularly consulted by all parts of the business on all matters that concern our members.  The more members that Advance has, the stronger our voice is. 


Advance union has its own offices in Tring, Hertfordshire, where we have a team who give confidential advice and support on all issues relating to their employment.  Assistance from this Helpline is available from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.  Our members are also able to speak directly to our General Secretary, Linda Rolph, on one evening per week. 


We also have a team of very experienced and fully accredited Representatives who are able to represent members at a full range of meetings, should they need us.  The “What we do” link provides more information on this topic. 

Linda Rolphs Senior Team - Jim Leonard, Rose O'Neill, Roberta Barbour, Deborah Croucher, Gerry Moloney


Advance Union Membership


Advance union offers additional benefits, products and services to our members.  This includes access to our Travel Club which gives huge savings on holiday bookings, the opportunity to take advantage of discounted car leasing through Affinity Car leasing and the chance to take part in the monthly Advance lottery which has a top prize of £1,000 and many smaller prizes.  Additional services are constantly under review.  See the link that details the benefits that we offer.


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