Leaving Advance


Thinking of Cancelling your membership?

We are sorry you are leaving Advance Union.  If you are leaving as you are about to or have resigned from Santander or one of the other companies in which Advance are recognized, we wish you the very best for your future.   If you are remaining with Santander, then we would ask you to consider the benefits you and your colleagues get from being in Advance and ask you to think again before considering canceling your membership.

·        Advance has a dedicated helpline team for our members, who are available Monday – Friday (9 am – 5 pm) who can advise on work-related issues, or information you may need relating to your employment

·        We publish a regular magazine throughout the year, which gives valuable information on the plans and priorities of the business and how this affects you.  We also set out how to deal with issues you may encounter in your workplace.

·        From time to time many people need help at work (for example, they are required to attend Disciplinary or Performance hearings). We provide full representation to members who meet the qualifying criteria.  All of our consultants are fully accredited representatives, with many years of experience and will ensure you receive a fair outcome.

·        We bargain all terms and conditions for you and your colleagues and without members, we will not be able to negotiate strong and sector-leading pay deals and other benefits such as pay progression.

If you do decide you still wish to leave us, then Cancel your direct debit mandate with your bank and call us on 01442 891122.  Alternatively, please email us at membership@advance-union.org.   Please state your E number, Full Name along with the reason you wish to leave.

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