Our Key Aims

As the largest Union in Santander, Our first priority is to continue to improve their working lives in partnership with the Bank.  We are our members’ Voice at Work.

As your Voice at Work, Advance Union acts collectively on your behalf.  Our main objectives are:

·        Negotiating Pay and Reward.

·        Agreeing to any contractual changes to employment.

·        Dignity and respect at work.

·        Security of employment.

·        Negotiating policies and conditions.

·        An equitable work/life balance.

·        Opportunity and equality for all.

The Financial Services industry is currently a very challenging environment and we work tirelessly on our Number One priority: the interests of our members, both individually and collectively.

Advance Union is your Union and only act as a collective for our members, so we always welcome feedback on all issues that affect your working life.  As part of this, we survey our members to get feedback on issues that are important to them.

Advance Union is your voice at work, ensuring that you are heard and that your opinions are given the credence that they deserve.



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