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Legal Services for our members

How to access our legal benefits

Advance members and their families can access free legal advice and representation from the UK’s leading law firm for trade union members, Thompsons Solicitors.

Your legal service includes:

  • Personal injury claims at or away from work, on holiday (where it’s possible to sue in the UK) and on the roads
  • Serious injury claims, including brain and spinal cord injury
  • Industrial disease or illness claims, including asbestos-related diseases
  • Settlement agreements
  • Special terms for medical negligence claims
  • Assault at work (CICA) claims
  • Work-related criminal law advice (with special terms if you don’t qualify for legal aid)
  • Free simple wills (including a mirror will for a partner) and reduced rates for more complex wills
  • Reduced rates for conveyancing, probate, powers of attorney and deputyship.

Family members’ legal service includes:

    • All non-workplace accidents, injuries or diseases
    • Reduced rates for wills, conveyancing, probate, powers of attorney and deputyship

Keep 100% of your compensation.

Non-specialist high street law firms and claims management companies will take up to 25% of damages from their clients. By contrast, Advance members and family members who use the union’s legal service get access to:

  • Specialist lawyers who only act for injured people
  • 100% compensation
  • No deductions for legal fees.

How to access your legal service

    • For all personal injuries, call the dedicated Advance free-phone number on 0845 712 5495 or get in touch to start a claim online.
    • For work-related criminal law advice, call the 24-hour helpline on 0800 587 7530
    • For settlement agreements, get in touch here
    • Your free wills service can be accessed here
    • Conveyancing, probate powers of attorney and deputyship services are all provided by BBH Legal, a subsidiary of Thompsons’ Solicitors.

For employment-related matters, please contact the Advance helpline in the first instance.  All advice and assistance related to employment matters are at the discretion of the General Secretary.