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You make Santander the
success that it is – you
deserve recognition
and reward for this!
Linda Rolph General Secretary

12 November 2021: Bank Workers Charity Latest Campaign
5 October 2021: BWC campaign - managing SAD
13 September 2021: Change of Payment Processor 13 Sept 2021

Change of Payment Processor for Direct Debits to Advance

From 11/10/2021, Advance are changing our payment...

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Membership Benefits

Advance offers a number of benefits, that are included in your membership each month in addition to the help, support, and representation if you need it.  Many of our members take advantage of our offers to make the most out of their membership.




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Support at work

Advance's primary role is to provide you with support, guidance and representation at work.  This can take many forms such as access to our independent and confidential helpline, as well as fully trained and experienced representatives.





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