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The only union totally dedicated to people in Santander by being “Your Voice At Work”.

Your Voice At Work

Advance Union is a forward-thinking union offering professional advice and support to its members and collective lobbying on critical workplace matters. Since we were formed in 1977, we have become a robust voice, championing the things that matter to you at work. We believe there’s a right way to achieve results – and that’s through constructive relationships with employers and other unions. By keeping the lines of communication open, even when we disagree or can’t get what we want, we can find a way to make the situation better.

Why join Advance Union?

We represent and speak on behalf of members within Santander and its subsidiaries to improve your working life.


Personal support at work

Professional advice and support on any work-related matter. We are always here for a confidential chat. If it's more serious, our highly experienced caseworkers are here to ensure you are treated fairly and help you have a positive employment experience.

Amazing benefits

We want to ensure your membership offers excellent value for money, from package holidays that beat internet and high street prices, legal discounts, and plenty of other perks. Make sure you make the most of your membership.

Access to exclusive content

Advance Union provide regular updates to your inbox and exclusive content on our website. We keep you informed and updated on all matters related to your employment and membership of Advance Union.

Join a community

Being a union member gives you a say in your workplace. Through our framework of meetings with Santander with your elected workplace representatives, you can start to contribute to making your employment experience a positive one. Join us and have your say at many open meetings and webinars that we hold every year, so we can truly be your voice at work.

Contact us

We are here to help, so why not contact us if you are a member who needs advice, representation or simply wants to provide feedback? If you are not a member and want to ask a question, please do get in touch.

Meeting between Advance union and Branch Interactions

Workplace representatives from Branch Interactions and senior union leaders are due to meet with Senior Management and HR on 20 September.

A change to our approach on communication

Now we have a new website we want to improve our communication with all our members.

Migraine awareness week September 5th - 10th 2022

Migraine awareness week September 5th - 10th 2022

Join us today!

Take the best decision in your career and join us today. At £6.70 per month, we are great value for our members. When you join Advance Union, you’re joining more than just a union – a community with thousands of members across multiple sites and branches. Together, we’re a loud voice championing the things that matter to you at work.