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Representing you individually

Like all unions, Advance can only help existing members. Representing members at hearings is one of the most critical tasks in which our members place their trust in us. We are very proud of our strong track record. The union consultants are trained to a professional level to ensure your employer fully understands your case before making a decision. They will highlight policy points, precedents and employment law. Our focus is you are treated fairly.

As an Advance Union member, you have the right to be represented at a formal disciplinary or grievance hearing by an Advance Consultant. When you contact us, we will appoint the most appropriate consultant to ensure we get you the best possible outcome.

Should you find yourself under investigation or subject to a formal meeting, which unfortunately some employees do, it’s essential to know how to find access to advice, guidance and representation.

You should contact us immediately to arrange representation if you are required to attend a formal hearing or fact find. Please don’t leave it to the last minute!

You will be entitled to representation if you have paid at least three months’ subscription; however, if you have just joined, we can give you telephone advice– so the sooner you call us, the quicker we can help.

Request Representation

Please call the union office on 01442 891122 if the hearing is in less than 3 working days.

Join us today

Take the best decision in your career and join us today. At £6.70 per month, we are great value for our members. When you join Advance, you’re joining more than just a union – a community with thousands of members across multiple sites and branches. Together, we’re a loud voice championing the things that matter to you at work.