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Backcare Awareness week

Back Care Awareness Week is an important week in our calendar; it should be in yours too. We have your backs covered.

Back Care Awareness Week is celebrated every year, usually in October. This year, it will be held from October 3 to 7. The week is organized in an attempt to raise awareness about back issues as well as how to manage back pain.

What device are you using to read this? Are you laying in bed with your head on the pillow, browsing mindlessly on your phone? Are you hunched over your computer, barely a few inches from the screen? Did you say yes to either of these questions? Did you adjust your posture while reading the first few lines?

Taking care of your back is essential at home, at leisure as well as at work.  Take good care when lifting items and keep a good posture at home and at work.

If you back health recently, we suggest you review your workstation assessment against any changes to see if some simple steps or additional equipment may help.