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Comic Relief / Red Nose Day Friday 17th March 2023

When you donate to Comic Relief or Sport Relief, you’re supporting vulnerable people and communities in the UK.

Red Nose Day is an annual fundraising campaign created by Comic Relief to end child poverty throughout the world. The organisation funds programs which help keep children safe and healthy while providing them with support and education. Fundraising events are held throughout the day on Red Nose Day to raise as much money as possible.

This fun-filled day ends with a live telethon broadcast on BBC, hosted by some of the biggest comedians and celebrities. It uses the power of comedy and entertainment to bring people together to have fun and, of course, raise money for the children who need it most.

What is Red Nose Day for?

The purpose of Red Nose Day is to raise money for children around the world who are living in poverty. Child poverty issues are incredibly complicated. They can’t be solved by one group or action alone, so it’s important we offer help wherever we can. Children are strong and resilient and, with the right support, can be nurtured to grow into empowered and healthy young adults.

Red Nose Day is all about making a difference to the lives of other people. The money raised goes towards helping so many life-changing projects here in the UK and across the world including funding community learning centres, support groups, and local clubs where children get to meet and have fun with other young people.

Every pound raised has an impact. Let’s have a look at the power of our pounds:

  • £5 could provide support to a young person in the UK through a mental health helpline or live online chat.
  • £50 could provide 200 reading books for children in Uganda.
  • £100 coud buy mobility aids for five young people with a disability in Malawi.
  • £300 could get 1200 meals to children and families most in need in the UK.