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Staying in touch

We know from time to time when we send emails that they may not always be received.  This page helps remedy ensure you continue to receive our important communication and don’t miss key messages.

You are probably reading this because you have a message from us saying you have had a message but you can’t see it or we have had it bounce back.


Can’t see a message

The most likely cause of this is that the message is in your junk or spam folder.  We can’t do anything from our email system that completely prevents this from happening and the “fix” will relate to the email program you use and you taking some proactive action to ensure emails are received in the correct folder going forward.

Here are some solutions for some of the most common email programmes.

Outlook (Microsoft)

Apple (and Mac)

We’ve  advised  you of a bounced email

This means your email provider or email box has rejected the email and sent us an alert. One of the most common causes is we don’t have the correct spelling and if that’s the case please call or use the form below to update your records.

The most common reason here is if at the point we sent you an email the Santander system has temporarily closed your email box, for example, if you are out of the business long term.  Our recommendation is to update your details with a non-Santander email so this prevents this from occurring.

BT has very robust antispam features that unfortunately can prevent legitimate emails being sent by Advance from reaching you.  To prevent this from being an issue please add us as a legitimate domain so that any email from us with can be received.  Full details here.

This is similar to outlook as Hotmail uses  Full details here.


Once you have reviewed the above please confirm your email as below on the form.


Update you email

If your email is incorrect please update via the form below or call us on 01442 891122.