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Your Representatives

Reps are at the heart of our union as they chat to members to understand what’s on their minds.

National Executive Committee

Cathy Kelly

Chair of National Executive Committee

Sinead Purse

Vice Chair of National Executive Committee

Nicola O'Shea

National Executive Committee - North Branches

Grant Wilson

National Executive Committee - South East Branches

Damien Brown

National Executive Committee - Centres of Excellence and other Functions

Dan Allsopp

National Executive Committee - Homes, Corporate & Subsidiaries

Nicky Jones

National Executive Committee- CICC & Everyday Banking

Sue Grundy

National Executive - South West & Central Branches

North Area Branch Based

Steve White

Area Representative, Abroath

Anselmo Garcia

Area Representative, Formby

Jamie Czernik

Area Representative, Glasgow

Michaela McGarry

Area Representative, Leeds

Orla Kelly

Out of Hours CC, Northern Ireland

Cheryl Blades

Out of Hours Ayr

South East Area Branch Based

Bev Whyte

Area Representative, Victoria

Toni Moore

Area Representative, Bromley

Reena Rai

Area Representative, Hollloway

South West and Central Branch Based

Rob Ferry

Area Representative, Newton Abbott

Tom Langley-Noel

Area Representative, Cwnbran

Sian Willman

Area Representative, Hemel Hemstead

Nadia Taylor

Area Representative, Stevenage

Suzanne Ricotta

Area Representative, Hoddleston

Shafaqat Hussain

Area Representative, Northampton

Contact Centres and Everyday Banking

Louise Tempest

Customer Interactions, Bradford

Jahangir Akhtar

Cater Allen CC, Sheffield

Chris Hansell

Core CC, Sheffield

Helen McGuane

FOS Complaints, Milton Keynes

Sarah Bird

Complaints, Teesside

Stephen Scott

Digital CC, Belfast

Amena Patel

Fraud CC, Bradford

Ryan Greenall

Credit Card CC, Bradford

Centres of Excellence and other Head office Functions

Saiqa Manzoor

COO, Bradford

Saima Bibi

Fin Support Training, Bradford

Jaz Latif

Fin Support, Sheffield

Denise Campbell

Fin Support, Belfast

Michelle Marshall

PMO COO, London

Khusba Kapadia

Risk, London

Arthur Lord

Fin Crime, Bradford

Iqbal Lallmamode

Fin Crime, Bradford

Faz Aziz

FS Assurance, Sheffield

Sylwia Piatek

Fin Support, Sheffield

Homes, Corporate Bank and Subsidiaries

Jeremy Amos

San Consumer, Redhill

Andrew Wake

Mortgage Telephony, Bradford

Angela Conaghan

Homes Operations, Glasgow

Tracey Stubbing

Mortgage Telephony, Bradford

Lorna Fagan

Homes Operations, Teesside

Caryn Ireland

Corporate Bank, Ludgate Hill

Our Team

Complementing our workplace representatives are the senior officials, consultants and office team.