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New Website and Brand

Welcome to our new website and our brand new Brand!

Welcome to our new website and brand.  We hope you like it.  Its been built entirely on feedback from you, our members, with massive input from our representative! There is a lot to explore and loads of information for members and those who want to understand Advance Union more.  Although we have changed our colours and content, you still have the same highly experienced and professional team supporting our members.

If you are a member, you probably will find that most things are viewable without logging in, but you must be logged in to update your membership details or read sensitive information we sometimes share with members.

Every existing member can log in now, and usually, your user name is your E number, but you can also log in using your email address which we use to send emails as we have a new website, though you have created a new password.

It would help us if you logged in and checked your personal information, such as contact details and work details (such as band, location and role), so we send information relevant to you. it would also help to check the diversity information we hold is up to date, but this is entirely voluntary.

Logging in also gives you full access to our membership benefits, and you don’t have to log out if you save this webpage as one of your favourites on a secure device with strong security, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Finally, please do feedback to us via the contact form, email, or via our helpline on 01442 891122 on anything we can do to improve your membership of Advance including content of this website!