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Perkjam now has Deliveroo offers

Special offers on deliveroo for our members who have registered for the PerkJam app.

Advance and Perkjam are absolutely delighted to announce that we have partnered with Deliveroo the British online food delivery company. This exciting partnership will enable Advance union’s members to take advantage of an amazing range of perks, discounts and offers from one of the UK’s most popular and biggest takeaway delivery companies.

Deliveroo has spent years working to understand what consumers want and establishing a proposition that can be adapted to appeal to every neighborhood and consumer – from students, to professionals or families, and from city centres to suburbs, commuter belts, and small towns. Deliveroo offers a service that reflects what people across every neighbourhood want. This partnership will provide Perkjam members with access to exclusive offers, perks and discounts from Deliveroo.

About Deliveroo
When Deliveroo’s founder and CEO Will Shu moved to London in 2013 he discovered a city full of great restaurants, but he was amazed that so few of them delivered food. He made it his personal mission to bring the best local restaurants direct to people’s doors.

Today, Deliveroo operates a hyperlocal three-sided marketplace, connecting local consumers, restaurants and grocers, and riders to fulfill a mission critical, emotional purchase in under 30 minutes. By offering fast and reliable delivery which consumers can track online, Deliveroo has grown rapidly. Deliveroo now operates in 11 markets worldwide, working with thousands of restaurants and grocers, thousands of riders, and serving millions of consumers.

A Perkjam spokesperson went on to say, like us Deliveroo are driven by technology and a desire to provide their customers with a wide choice and good value. We don’t just create partnerships for the sake of it. Our partnerships have to benefit our members in their day-to-day lives and this is just another fantastic way of demonstrating this.

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