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Welcome to the Advance Union representatives training programme.

It includes a mixture of online training modules, e.g. designed to take between 45- 60 minutes and a follow-up workshop, in which Advance organise sessions remotely to help tie everything together.

The expectation is that the mandatory aspects are covered in your first three months and everything else required of a workplace rep in the first year.  Of course, those that want to continue with their development can focus on an individual training plan depending on the role they want to fulfil in Advance for example:

Health & Safety Representative.

Disciplinary & Grievance case worker.

National Executive Representative.

The above roles are often subject to a selection or election process. Still, its good to consider how you can continue to grow your skills and be ready when an opportunity arises.

What do workplace (local) representatiives do?

s or when they need representation to the Advance Union office.